Become A Digital Marketer For Free | Google Certified
Google Digital Unlocked Certificate (Mr. Digitian)

Become A Digital Marketer For Free | Google Certified

Digital Marketing is a Trending & Easiest Job Career in 2019. According to a Survey, Digital Marketing skills will continuously be in trends up to next 10 years.

Get Job In Google

“”, Biggest Company in the World, is offering you FREE Digital Marketing Course with no requirements of any kind of degree. Google is providing this Digital Marketing Certification having the name of “GOOGLE DIGITAL UNLOCKED” Certification.

This Course is completely free of cost. After learning this certification course and by the completion of the test, Google sends you your “Unlocked Certificate” and only through this certification the candidate can apply in any company for the job as a Digital Marketer. And can earn millions per month.

Being a Digital Marketer, we think that, Digital Marketing is the only a job profile where a person don’t need any kind of Hard Work. They only need a thing, which is Smart Work and Consistency. In the sense of Smart Work, It means Making things more easier to do by using Internet Technology.

In this Article, we will teach you about the “GOOGLE DIGITAL UNLOCKED” that how it works and how to start it.

Step 1: Search on the Google Search – “Google Digital Unlocked”.

Step 2: Click on “Digital Unlocked – Google Digital Garage”.

Step 3: Click On the button “GET STARTED”.

Step 4: Click on the button “START LEARNING”.

Step 5: Enjoy! the learning.

This Course contains 26 Modules for 40 hours class in it. After completing all the Modules, your next step will be:

Step 6: Give the “Online Quiz Test” within the give period of time.

If you will be passed the test & qualified it. Google will E-mail your Certificates on the spot at the time.

With the help of these certificates & your Digital Marketing Skills and Knowledge any company will hire you immediately without asking any other questions or queries.

By doing this certificate course, the salary at your initial level will be 40,000 INR to 50,000 INR per month approximately.

And also you can learn Many courses in it like: Python, Java Script, Graphic Desingning and many more. These Courses doesn’t have certifications. But, the way you learn it, your skills will rise to the next level, and skills are more important than Certificates.

So, What are you waiting for, just go & check it out Now.

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