How To Earn Lacs From VIDEO GAMING Industry In 2020
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How To Earn Lacs From VIDEO GAMING Industry In 2020

If you have the Desperation & Love for the Video Games, then this blog will help you out, in how you can earn in lakhs from the Gaming Industry. The gaming industry is going to be the largest business industry in the world.

If you want to rich in your life then you have to spot the rising waves of the business industry. And according to the wall street bankers, it has been evaluated that presently the gaming industry is the fastest-growing industry in the world. Many investors are continuously betting in this industry because they are aware of the upcoming profitability in Gaming & they now that next Billionaires will come from this Industry. In 2017, the U.S. game industry as a whole was worth US$18.4 billion U.S. gaming revenue is forecast to reach $230 billion by 2022, making it the largest market in the world.

Now, the automation in IT & Gaming Industry makes a complete revolution in the market. So guys, if you want to be the billionaire in the Gaming Industry but you don’t know how to do that then, this particular blog will help you out, “How To Earn Lacs From Video Gaming Industry In 2020”. Here, we are also going to discuss some career option related to the Gaming Industry & how you can pursue these career options from today onwards.


Competitive Gamers

Competitive Gamer is the Strongest Position in the world of Gaming. Here are some popular Gaming Tournaments in the world & the amount of winning price money.

  • THE INTERNATIONAL9 — ( $34.3M )

Its been a time when the Cricketers, Footballers & Basketballers was in the richest one but in the present era, Competitive Gamers are counted in one of the richest gamers. Here are some Esports related games:

  • PUBG
  • DOTA
  • NBA 2K
  • CS: GO

These are some games where people are competing with each other & the winner earn a lot of money from here only.

Let us take an example, the cricket industry is one of the biggest industry in the world. Even the Commentators, Event Organisers & of course the player earn so much amount but the Captian of the team Earns the highest amount. So, as same as the people who practised the games & play themselves, only they will earn the highest amount of money. Here are some Indian Gamers who started their gaming career in teenage:


And one more thing that you have to take care of, that if you are a cricketer batsman then you should have a good quality of Bat, if you are going in a war then you should have a powerful weapon, the same kind of situation goes on the Gaming. So, if you are a professional Gamer then you must have a powerful laptop. So, here are some laptops you can get for your gaming purpose:

1. Acer Nitro 5

2. Lenovo Legion Y540

3. Asus TUF Gaming

The Gaming PCs are Hardware demanding, it should have a powerful GPU. Yes, these are some Expensive PCs, but according to the Gaming Culture, these laptops are worth it. And if you want to know about Gaming Mobile Phones then check this blog:⬇

Best Gaming Phone Under Rs. 15,000/-


Gaming Content creator

Some Gaming Content Creator in India are:

  • Ajay Nagar (Carry Minati)
  • Rawknee Das Gupta (The Rawknee Show)

They both are India’s No.1 Content Creator, they made gaming videos in their own style, which is liked by all the viewers & their subscribers. The options that you can do as a Content Creator.

  • You can make a Gaming Informative Channel on Youtube.
  • You can do Funny Commentary during playing the games like, Carry Minati does.
  • You can Talk & Discuss the Competitive Gaming on your social media & youtube channel as a perspective of an Entrepreneur.
  • There are many more options like that, you can try any of that.

So, now if you want to become the Gaming Content Creator then you should aware about the social media & youtube fundamental. And also you have to learn Video Editing Softwares like Premiere Pro & After Effect. It means that you have to combine your Gaming Skills with Social Media Skills together.

And if we talk about the revenue generation in these kinds of careers, you will find unlimited prospects to earn a good amount of money. Because a content creator earns through multiple ways, they earn from Google Adsense Monetization, Brand Association, and as well as from the tournaments. Let us take an example, You find that a Gamer always keep a Cold Drink with him or her, so any of the Cold Drink’s Company can sponsor the gamer to advertise their product because it can be possible that a gaming content creator has a large no. of the audience viewer base on his/her channel.

On what things you have to focus ?????

So, for now, you have to focus on Making a Community of the Pro-Gamers around yourself because as much you can do with a community, maybe you can’t do that after playing individually.

Option 3. BACK END

Game Development And Designer

It means, from where the raw material is manufacturing ??? Of course, they are the Gaming Companies. So now, if you want to enter in the back end, remember two basic things; Firstly, again your earning limits have no barrier, also, it can be possible that you can make your own Gaming company in the future, you can make the next PUBG, NBA, FIFA, or GTA in the upcoming future only through your creative ideas. So, here are the 3 options for entry-level:

  • You can be the Entrepreneur, which means you start your own Gaming company. But for now, this will be not possible easily. So, we don’t recommend you for this option.
  • But for Initial level, you can be the Game Designer or the Game Developer.
  • Game Designer is the person who decides the Concept, Graphics, Levels, & Story of the game.
  • And a Game Developer is a person who does the development & construction of the game, they do the coding part of the Game.

Initially, both the career has an equal amount of workload and money.

So, to be the game developer you have to do the course of computer science, but for now, in India, the Gaming Industry does not have a good level of potential. So, try to apply for abroad, if there will be a need for the loan, you should take it. Because once you will know all things about the development and designing the game then there will the endless opportunity to earn a lot of money.

And at last but not least, if you want to be successful in your life then don’t afraid to do the hard work with respect to smart work.


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