Lets Do Some Earning By FACEBOOK !!!! | By Mr. Digitian & Team |
Eye Facebook

Lets Do Some Earning By FACEBOOK !!!! | By Mr. Digitian & Team |


Eye Facebook

Yes, this blog is completely relevant to the Title which you read.

Now everybody can earn by Facebook. Now, in few days Facebook is launching a new app called Facebook Study app. This app gives the users money for free, the users nothing have to do, only they have to install this app and have to fill the surveys. This app is almost as similar as the Google Opinion Rewards.

As Google opinion rewards tells you to fill up the survey forms about your interests. And then Google sell your information to other companies, then the companies show you the advertisements as per your interests which you have filled in the Google survey forms, and then the Google pay you some part of the money which they earned by selling your information about your interests.

As now, Facebook is also ready to do these things and they are ready to pay you for your information or we can say that the information could be your private information which they are sharing to other companies.

Is it right to share Our Personal Info. with Facebook ????

Facebook Study App

Yes, it is not completely safe to use by anybody. And, in our opinion do not use this app in those phones in which you prefer to use any kind of NETBANKING like PayTM, PhonePe, MobiKwik, or any kind of such apps. As it is also a statement given by the Facebook is that “we do not harm or touch user’s ID or password in any condition”. But, In our opinion you can participate in it with another mobile phone which don’t have any kind on banking application.

How much we earn by FACEBOOK ????

As any kind of estimated value of amount is not revealed by Facebook that how much they will pay for that. But by the analysis of experts it is confirmed that the amount will be not very much high. It could be about $10 to $20 per month, it means 700 to 1500 rupees per month in indian currency.

FB Study App

Who can apply to this app????

  • The user must have a Facebook ID.
  • The user must be above 18 years in age.
  • The should have his/her bank account, as Facebook can send your payment to you.

When it will be launch ????

This app will be launch in few days, the Facebook will start showing ads on google, youtube and as well as on other internet platforms.

How you can participate in it ????

  1. Sign up on https://www.facebook.com/( if you don’t have an ID on Facebook).
  2. Log in your Facebook ID on your mobile phone ( as Facebook study is a mobile application).
  3. Download the Facebook Study app.
  4. And then Follow the given steps.
  5. Now, You will a participant of Facebook Study App.

For further information about FACEBOOK STUDY APP. Click here https://www.facebook.com/facebookstudy .

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Now you all can be a part time business men/women. With the help of Facebook.


The blog Written by Mr. Digitian.


A Digital Marketer

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