Some Facts About ” The Walt Disney “
All About "The Walt Disney" - By Mr. Digitian

Some Facts About ” The Walt Disney “

How Big Is DISNEY?

The word DISNEY needs no introduction, but what we need to know is how big it is. Surely, it is far bigger than we might have known.

Let’s begin with how it all started!

The “Disney Company” was founded by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney back in 1923 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The parent company, with its subsidiaries has five major divisions: Studio Entertainment, Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Consumer products & Interactive.

The Birth of the Legendary and all-time favourite “MICKEY MOUSE”

All About "The Walt Disney" - By Mr. Digitian

We all love Mickey Mouse and for that, we should be thankful to Walt Disney’s wife who suggested the altering of the initial character Oswald the lucky rabbit into Mortimer Mouse who was later named Mickey Mouse by Disney. Well, this is the biggest example that all that happens is for something good!


Revenue: 69.57 Billion USD (2019)

Number of Employees: 2,23,000 (2019)

Income per Day: 13.2 Million USD

Net Income: 11.054 Billion USD (2019)

Net Worth: 130 Billion USD (2019)

Disney’s Top 5 Individual Shareholders:

BOB IGER: He is the single largest individual shareholder owning 1.078 million shares of the company. He is the CEO of the WALT DISNEY Company.

CHRISTINE McCARTHY: The Vice President and CFO at the company comes second in the list, holding 131, 139 shares. She looks after Disney’s Finances and also directs the company in corporate citizenship.

ALAN BRAVERMAN: He is the senior executive vice president, secretary and general counsel of Walt Disney Company and owns 98,992 shares.

AYLWIN B. LEWIS: He holds 86,140 shares in the company and has been serving Disney as a Director since 2004.

ROBERT W. MASTSCHULLAT: He held the tag of the longest serving member on Disney’s Board of Directors but had to leave due to a rule that limits the term of member at 15 years. However, he still holds 71,360 shares in the company.

Disney’s revenue has grown 7 times during the year 1993-2018. That is a tremendous growth!

Disney’s assets have grown faster, by 8.4 times (as a 2018). Disney has been growing ever since and we are amazed at their skills and fortune too, of course!

Acquisitions :

The company has made several acquisitions taking it where it is today. The Largest of these all is the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, for a whooping amount of $71 Billion.

Disney started acquisitions in the year 1993 when they acquired the company Miramax. After this, Disney acquired Capital Cities, Fox Family, The Muppets, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm & Fox which happens to be the most recent and largest one. Channels like ESPN, National Geographic, and a few more are also owned by Disney.

Disney+ Hotstar is the new ‘Disney’ thing in the market and people are surely going to love it.

Basically, it is a streaming channel with all the Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic shows and movies. It might be a tough competition for the other streaming channels!

Fun Fact:

Disney Family owns less than 3% share in the company and none of the family member are operationally involved in the company.

This was probably all about Disney and this leaves us surprised but also more in love with the brand. What are your views regarding the same? Do share.


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